Abortion Controversy

The topic of Abortion excites like no other subject in this country at this time.
Abortion is the most often topic written about in School.
Abortion is the most often topic debated in School.
Abortion is the final outcome of 
one out of every three pregnancies in the U.S.
Abortion divides our country, our religions,
 our family, our society and our politics.
This website shows abortion from two very different viewpoints.

Those who favor abortion are quoted under the "Pro Abortion View".
Those who are against abortion are quoted under the "Anti Abortion View".
Read this debate and watch the streaming video on abortion at the 
end of this page and you be the judge as to whether abortion is murder or not.


Pro Abortion View :  You say "Abortion is Murder".  You are mean-spirited.  
You are saying that anyone who has an abortion is a murderer. Isn't that true!

Anti Abortion View :  If abortion is not murder, than what is it?  
If the taking of a life is not murder, then what is it?  God has said, 
"Thou shalt not kill." If abortion is not killing, then what is it?  That 
someone does not like to hear themselves called a murderer is understandable.  
But is it not better, if one is called a murderer,before an abortion rather
than after?  Perhaps that person would change her mind and give life to 
her preborn child. Let's look at what an abortion really does.  Watch 
the video below which shows an abortion 11 weeks after conception 
and they tell me that abortion is not murder.Or visit the 
website www.silentscream.org and think again about what an abortion truly is.

Pro Abortion View :  Why should we allow children to be 
born to people who can't afford to give children a proper education?

Anti Abortion View :  If being guaranteed a "proper" education is
to be a prerequisite for a preborn child to escape being murdered, 
then perhaps the child's mother is the one who requires a proper education.  
For she is the one who carries the child within her. Prolifers try to 
educate pregnant women about the word of God.

Pro Abortion View :  What about Child Abuse?  Doesn't abortion 
solve that problem?

Anti Abortion View :    It might solve it for the parents but is not 
abortion the ultimate abuse of a child?

Pro Abortion View :  What about rape?  Why should a woman 
who has been raped by forced to carry a baby of a man she doesn't love?

Anti Abortion View :  Do two wrongs make a right?  Rape is a
crime, so is abortion.  One in the legal sense, the other in the spiritual 
sense.  Should a preborn child reap the punishment for the crime against
the mother?

Pro Abortion View : Why should we bring a child into this troubled 
world that won't be loved by his or her mother?

Anti Abortion View :   Should a preborn child suffer mutilation and 
death because its mother is an unloving person?  Who is to say that 
the mother shall not, if she seeks God's Wisdom come to love her child?

Pro Abortion View :  What if you know that the baby will be born sick?
Aren't there enough problems in this world already?  Why bring more
sick children into this world using up scare resources and drain the
resources needed for others?

Anti Abortion View :   If becoming ill or if being told that you will 
become ill or sick gives someone a right to kill you, then you would 
say the law is wrong.  Can't you have the same compassion for a 
preborn child?  For surely there will be someone in this world who 
will love and care for the child.

Pro Abortion View :  Unwanted, uneducated, unloved children become 
criminals and fill our jails.  Why should we not allow abortions to 
solve these problems?

Anti Abortion View :   Why not let love, education and compassion 
solve these problems?

Pro Abortion View : There are many people on welfare today.  People 
living off the government. Is not abortion a solution to that problem?

Anti Abortion View :   It would not be our solution but follow your logic
one step further and ask wouldn't murdering all the females on welfare 
be the "final solution"?

Pro Abortion View : There are 17 year old girls in this town who 
have had babies and kept them.  What kind of a life is that for a girl?

Anti Abortion View :   If a 17 year old girl has decided to give the 
gift of life to her preborn child, then she has made her decision and 
she shall judge her own life and the Lord shall judge her soul in the next. 
Anyone who is pregnant or knows someone who might be pregnant and
in need of help should visit www.lifecall.org.  There is help 
available for anyone who needs it.


Abortion Controversy Conclusion
Have you ever wondered what an abortion looks like?
Are you thinking of getting an abortion?
Are you thinking of helping someone else get an abortion?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes"....then download
the player below and watch the video and rethink the issue of abortion. 
We would like to hear from you at lifecall@aol.com.

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Abortion Video Part I
Abortion Video Part II

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