Our Website Videos require you to download the Netshow Player.
This Player will take less than 2MB of storage on your hard drive and take about

6 minutes to download. The player can then be used on a number of other websites.

Instructions for Installing the Free
Microsoft Netshow Player

(You only have to do this once, the player will work
automatically from then on.)


1.  To get the Netshow Player you will have to go to the Microsoft Website. To go to the Microsoft Website, you will have to click on the Microsoft Netshow icon on the bottom of this page.

2.  When you click on the icon you will go to a page on the Microsoft Website, follow the instructions on this page.

3.  When you click on (English) you will be presented another page. Click the words "nsplay.exe" in the geographic location closest to your home. For example if you live in Washington D.C. click on the words "nsplay.exe" directly across from Washington D.C.

4. You will be given a dialog box,  choose "open this file from it's current location".  You will then begin downloading the player this will take approximately 6 minutes.  When the download is complete, choose "yes" to continue and "yes" to accept the agreement, this will install the player.

5.  When prompted, restart your computer, this is necessary for the Player to work.

6. Congratulations you have just successfully installed the player.  If you have any problems email us at lifecall@aol.com.

7.  Proceed to our site and view the videos that you want to see!!

8.  You may want to print these instructions to assist you while you are working through the download process.

Click here to get Netshow

Click Above to get Netshow Player